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"What can I say about Dr. Iqbal? He is the best. From the moment I went to his office for a consultation I knew he had to be my surgeon. He never rushed any of my questions and he's always explained things in terms us "normal" people understand.


He's always there with a smile or a joke. His staff is incredible. They've never made me feel like I'm bothering them when I call. He does insist that this surgery relies on teamwork and he vocally insists on you keeping your end of the bargain.


He never balked when I asked about risks or mortality or anything. He's very honest about the whole process. When someone asks about my surgery, I pull out his business card and start rambling. He's the best!"

- Cyndi B, Pennsville, NJ



"Dr. Iqbal performed roux-en-y gastric bypass on my husband and myself on 1/4/2008. Our before care support meetings, in-hospital physician care and after care support with Iqbal & Khan Surgical Associates, PA has been a very successful and a positive experience for both Bill and I.


Bill's diabetes type has not required any medication since his surgery and my hypertension disappeared 1 month after surgery. The surgical staff and office staff have been very supportive of us, both prior to our surgery and post operatively to date. We feel great, have lost 50 pounds, and have a new lease on life."

-William & Deena Snyder,



"On December 21, 2008, I had the gastric bypass performed by Dr. Iqbal. In 16 weeks I have lost 74 pounds. My hypertension and diabetes are gone. I have very little pain in my joints, knees, and back now. I actually have energy! My only regret is not having the surgery earlier."

- Bryna Morgan,



"Dr. Iqbal is an excellent and skilled surgeon, and very handsome!!! His accent when he speaks is very mild, so it is quite easy to understand him. He answered any/all questions I had and smiles a lot. He is energetic and has a positive attitude. I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

- Gina A.

"What can I say about Dr. Iqbal? He is the best. From the moment I went to his office for a consultation I knew he had to be my surgeon."

- Cyndi B


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